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Smart Car Scotland Ltd
Smart Car Scotland Ltd24 hours ago
I seem to have accumulated a few parts of my own (not the garage) over the years. I will need to get them up for sale but a few are --
451 boot luggage covers - £50
450 boot luggage covers - £30
red roadster boot - £50
full set black colour coded panels inc centre parts £450 picked up

(trying to tidy up things as I am working constant the now and well xmas doesnt pay for itself !)
Smart Car Scotland Ltd
Smart Car Scotland Ltd3 days ago
redo'ing this advert as really I shouldnt have tried selling the wifes car there as shes redundant from work the now we will not use it and its far to pretty for the farm track. mainly as it still had a private reg and low mot. the reg is changed to the 15 plate and the mot is up till dec 2022
this is the family car the last couple years and been no issues in this time at all but I like to add things so it can be someone elses gain
mot till dec 2022
free roadtax
great mpg even with the new e10 fuel!
its had auto wipers/auto headlights added
turned off the awful stop start system
android head unit with reverse camera
dash cam
two keys
the tyres have plenty of tread on them and the seats have been covered since we got it
milage at 41800 but may go up, when we drive this we get around whats on the screen so its great on petrol and fantastic turning circle and there is no issues with the car at all
PRIVATE PLATE NOT INCLUDED and is now off the vehicle and no swaps or agencies thank you
the last thing is , its £5500 . the difference is if you buy through this or pass it on from this facebook post get them to quote 'cheerupsam' and i will think they are being sarcasric andgive them a free 'a' service when its due net year
ps that mpg is with the new e10 petrol 😉
Smart Car Scotland Ltd
Smart Car Scotland Ltd6 days ago
Now a good enough time to say merry Xmas and have a great new year

Last year was the busiest and most challenging to date, it's obviously not put me off just put in mind I may need more land and space for the work.

Thank you again to everyone for trusting me and bringing your smarts to me.it gave me a career, a purpose and a home for me and my family and I would be where I am without you all
Smart Car Scotland Ltd
Smart Car Scotland Ltd1 week ago
fully booked till end of year++++

so sorry (i am always apologising) I have so much work in now that I can take in cars but only in the understanding it may take up to the start of the year to get onto them.

I feel like I am letting people down by letting everyone know this but I need to make sure the work I have isnt put back any further, I am already working some of my days off to keep up.

I wont be stopping people doing drop offs though but as above it may take after the new year to be fully finished as a lot of the cars coming in havent had work done in a while and there taking a couple days each to make sure there finished.

Sorry, and thank you everyone for picking to come to me its been some year so far and the busiest one to date for all the years I have been going but well the cars are getting older
Smart Car Scotland Ltd
Smart Car Scotland Ltd3 weeks ago
the garage will be closed all day on Wednesday 24th Nov due to family bereavement.

you can email but if at all possible please do not try and call or leave a message on this date. many thanks
Smart Car Scotland Ltd
Smart Car Scotland Ltd3 weeks ago
again, i am never great at posting pictures and showing you all what i do day to day. its mainly as i am busy working through all this. there is one in the garage i am working on as well as everything

as always thank you so much for everyone to travel to me, pick me to look after your vehicles and keep me going 🙂

I will just be giving advance warning though I may be trying to take a week off at xmas as I never really got a holiday at all this year apart from a few days and I am def in need of a break